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About OTIS Consulting

OTIS Consulting brings together companies from the DACH region (countries where German is the official language: Germany–Austria–Switzerland) with selected IT service providers from Romania, where we have been progressively expanding our close relations with nearshore providers over many years. Currently, our network of partners includes around 35 IT service providers from Romania. Emphasis lies on SAP, Microsoft, Oracle and mobile app development, along with support services. Our basic principle is “We Connect the Best IT”.

Nearshore IT-Outsourcing

Organizations that have the potential to manage information technology flexibly are prepared for any challenge, and nearshore IT-outsourcing is an established procedure for achieving this. Companies can improve the quality of their services and save money, while at the same time enhancing controllability, scalability and their capacity for IT system innovation.

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Operator models

A special form of cooperation in the field of IT is BOT (build–operate–transfer), which we initiate. In this model, the beneficiary company assigns particular IT services to a Romanian provider. The latter first takes over the respective IT services, develops them and operates them independently. After a certain period of time, the services may be returned to the company.

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Setting Up a Company

Those who plan to set up a company in Romania often want to make the most of the skilled, yet less expensive workforce or to reduce their tax burden. Others are drawn to the largest market – with respect to population – in southeastern Europe or to its extensive and diverse cultural, mineral and natural resources. The country is also particularly attractive owing to its geographical position, with Western and Central Europe on one side and Asia on the other.

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Mergers & Acquisitions

OTIS Consulting begins applying its IT expertise and its experience accumulated in Romania right from the preliminary stages of merger & acquisition processes. From a multitude of interesting candidates we identify suitable companies, subject them to a benchmarking analysis and classify them according to criteria established in advance by mutual agreement.

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Staffing Agency

Throughout much of the DACH region, IT managers and specialists are still in short supply. OTIS Consulting fills this gap with IT specialists from Romania. They have received excellent technical and IT training, are highly motivated and have often gathered significant experience in IT even if still young.

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